Sepahan Delta at a glance

Sepahan Delta at a glance 

If we would be successful in the first step, the effort and endeavors has no meaning any more. 

Sepahan Delta Industrial Group(Private Joint Stock) was established in beautiful city  of production of medical equipment Gonbadhay-e Firouzei with the aim of performing industrial & productive activities in 2002.

Since 2003 this company started its activity in the field of machineries for transforming paper to carton and manufacturing and designing more than 8 types of machineries and during four years this company enabled to establish several productive units in all over of Iran. 

Referring to our country’s need and lack of experts in the field of mechanization of agriculture, this company continues its activity with reorganization and focus on investment. And this company could start the first Iranian Rice Seedling Center, and after 2 years semi-industrial production, this company could design, produce and start all the preparation machineries of industrial Seedling exceeded to 11 machineries since 2009. 

We hoped to replace all the rice prone province of our country with industrial cultivation instead to mechanization cultivation. 

In this direction, this company as the first and the sole producer of these equipments by far with better quality rather than its foreign equivalent, in a way that in the recent years no foreign country has the ability to compete with products of this company. 

In the present, we have the best and the most popular sales network and after sales services in rice prone province of Iran. 

Our country’s pride and ability to do without foreign country, exporting products, Excellency of products quality in comparison to the equivalent one in foreign countries and customer’s satisfaction are among the most important goals of this company. 

Management and personnel of this group are always receptive to your new ideas and suggestions. 


Sepahan Delta Industrial Group