Speech of Managing director

Managing director of company: 


I am grateful that you give me your precious time to speak, 

Having referred to the importance of human power in the present industrial world we obliged ourselves to use the latest technology and equipments of world and sell the products in a just price and with the best quality. 

We always believed that for being successful and progress we must make effort to be the reason of progress of the societies which we live in it. 

For the reason that in a long period, healthy population, healthy economics, and healthy trading performance will make strong and powerful each other. 

In the advanced society of present time the business condition is in a way that the time and its limitation due to it is the most important factors for success including advancement of trade in our activities based on national regulations, international standards, trading principles of company. 

For changing the world or at least social environment which is in the domain of our activity, there is no need to play the role of diplomats and politicians; it is enough to be a purposeful. Making change is not necessarily means repeating previous experiences. 

Sometimes continuing these repetitions get to no result so you must be the origin of changes which you like to see in the world. 

The mysteries of achieving to the ultimate goals are effort, fearlessness and resistance. 

It is hoped that all people who help us during these years do nor leave me alone to achieve my most important goals which is my country’s pride. 


Ali Niroumand